Charles Tait Guide Books

The original Orkney Guide Book was first published in 1991 and is now in its third edition. The book has been critically acclaimed and has become the visitor's "bible" to Orkney. The need for versions on other areas has been noted and work has been ongoing for some time now on a series guides to the places which Charles Tait covers in depth. These books feature all new photography and are a distillation of his extensive knowledge of each area. They are designed to maximise the visitor's appreciation of his or her time during a stay and to be authoritative and interesting without being wordy. Further books are in preparation.

In Print


20 January 2003 All of these Guide Book pages are in the course of extensive revision and all will have their own addresses in due course which will be linked when ready.

The books can be ordered (e-mail, or by fax, telephone or letter, directly from us for delivery by return with payment by credit card.

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